New campaign urges Biden to scrap Hyde amendment from budget


On Monday, the abortion justice nonprofit All * Above All launched a week-long campaign urging President Biden to submit his first budget without the Hyde Amendment and related bans on coverage of the ‘abortion. In the United States, the Hyde Amendment essentially bans federal coverage of abortion through Medicaid. Proposed in response to Roe vs. Wade, Hyde is known for its devastating impact on millions of low-income women and families.

The All * Above All campaign includes the following activities from Monday until the weekend:

  • Deliver thousands of postcards every day this week to the White House;
  • Digital ads in The Hill, Washington Post, Roll Call and Politico;
  • A mobile billboard in Washington DC;
  • A full-page ad with over 200 organizational listings that will run May 14-16 in the News Journal, President Biden’s home town newspaper, and a mobile billboard in Wilmington, Delaware.

More specifically, the campaign calls for:

  • A federal budget without abortion coverage bans.
  • The end of obsolete restrictions on medical abortion.
  • Protection of essential workers against expulsion.
  • An increase in the minimum wage of up to $ 15 an hour.
  • Inclusion of all workers in economic recovery efforts.

“Legal abortion was never enough,” according to the All * Above All’s Abortion Justice Roadmap for Biden-Harris Administration campaign site. “He leaves too much out. Those who are denied care because they are in financial difficulty, or have to travel too far, or their clinic has been closed due to unfair restrictions.

“Systemic racism, economic insecurity and immigrant status multiply the already massive barriers to abortion care – and this true abortion justice must integrate racial, economic and immigrant justice. The Biden-Harris administration must enact policies that ensure that everyone can get the abortion care they need to thrive in their communities and live their lives in economic security and dignity.

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