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WHAT — On Monday afternoon, North American Midway Entertainment employees worked diligently to prepare for the opening of the carnival at 5 p.m. They cleaned the rides, wetted the rocky walkway to keep the dust out, and installed the playhouses.

The middle of the Du Quoin State Fair has received praise from visitors for the variety of rides and games, as well as the cleanliness. The midway is operated by North American Midway Entertainment this year.

Byron Hetzler

Pat Repp, director of North American Midway Entertainment, said they work very hard to ensure they provide an enjoyable and safe carnival. Their priorities are to provide good customer service and a good experience while keeping everyone safe.

Besides the rides, Repp said more than 100 people who work with the carnival and games are also safe. No employee will work for them until they have passed a background check and a drug test.

“If we can give people a good carnival experience and people feel safe, we are successful,” Repp said.

A safety inspector has been present on the exhibition site since its opening.

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According to several visitors, the employees who run the games at the Du Quoin Midway State Fair have been accommodating to young children wanting to test their skills.

Byron Hetzler

After the Du Quoin State Fair opened on Friday night, people started posting on social media about the fair’s halfway point.

One article said he was the cleanest midfielder at the fair. Another spoke of the friendliness of the carnival employees.

A mother of an autistic child wrote a long post about her experience of the children’s carnival halfway. The cabin operator let the child push the floating toys through the water without charging the mother or scolding the child. It made the Du Quoin State Fair this family’s best carnival experience, she said.


Fair goers ride the Vertigo at the Du Quoin State Fair midway Monday in Du Quoin.

Byron Hetzler

Repp also saw the Facebook post.

“Comments like that make me happy to know that we made someone’s day enjoyable,” Repp said.

Repp said the employee will receive a pen and a monetary reward. The employer worked the weekend in Du Quoin and is leaving for another location on Monday evening.


The Du Quoin State Fair midway is operated by North America Midway Entertainment this year and features new rides and games to entertain visitors.

Byron Hetzler

Repp said it’s a good example of what a carnival can do for its visitors. No matter what happens at home or on other days, carnival is a place to have a good time and forget about those other troubles. It makes a difference in the lives of people of all ages.

He said the company does the same for people at HerrinFesta Italiana, another local carnival run by North American Midway Entertainment.

The 100th annual Du Quoin State Fair has officially begun

People don’t understand how a carnival benefits their communities, Repp said. Their employees shop at local stores like Walmart and eat at local restaurants.

The carnival also purchases food and catering items. He said Fair Foods, which is located in Du Quoin, is one of the largest food suppliers in the country.

As a new vendor for the fair, Repp came to visit the fairground in June.

“The fair is a wonderful partner. Josh (Gross) is doing a terrific job,” Repp said. “They have one hell of a fairground.”

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