New York mayor-elect reacts to video of cars and revelers blocking Kosciuszko Bridge – NBC New York



After a New York City bridge was closed by cars making donuts, as well as groups of people appearing to be hosting a dance party, Mayor-elect Eric Adams vowed to take action.

Responding to one of the viral videos posted to social media that show several vehicles blocking the lanes of the Kosciuszko Bridge, as well as a group of people dancing to music, Adams tweeted: “Incidents like this damage our marks as a city, disrespects New Yorkers and endangers visitors and residents.

“All those who participated in this reckless behavior must be found and held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. We will not be a city of chaos,” the Democrat added, echoing his campaign pledges to crack down on crime in the city.

Other videos posted online that appeared to be from the same night showed some of the vehicles circling across the bridge, leaving tire tracks on the road.

It is not known when the incident occurred, but an NYPD spokesperson said investigators were aware of the footage and an investigation was underway.

No arrests have been made and it is also unclear what charges those involved would face.



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