Next Xbox Game Pass game is getting rave reviews


Reviews are plummeting for an upcoming day one title on Xbox Game Pass, and it looks like a major win for Microsoft’s subscription service.

Perhaps the greatest strength of Xbox Game Pass is the first inclusion of Microsoft’s proprietary games. Followers are still waiting to see likes from red fall and star field launching with Game Pass, among a plethora of other first-party games, but this year isn’t without its own titles. Obsidian Entertainment Repentance will launch on November 15 and will be available on the subscription service.

Repentance is a passion project of Obsidian Entertainment’s Josh Sawyer, who many may know from Fallout: New Vegas and pillars of eternity. Repentance players take on the role of fellow artist Andreas Maler as they investigate a major murder, in which a close friend is accused. The story unfolds over 25 years, with players pursuing the true killer whether they make the right choices or fail to harness that power for themselves. Opinion on Repentance have hit the internet, and it seems like a much bigger “get” for Xbox Game Pass than some might initially think.


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A global OpenCritic review site, Pentiment currently sits at an average of 86 top reviewers with 90% of critics recommending the title. It seems many are praising the narrative and world designed by Obsidian Entertainment, while others are pointing out some flaws that were largely deemed insignificant. Indeed, the scores testify to this fact, and it’s great to see Obsidian Entertainment’s latest RPG receiving praise. Obsidian Entertainment has proven to be a major workhorse for Microsoft since its acquisition, and many great games are on the way such as Confessed, The Outer Worlds 2, etc

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However, big RPGs are great and all, but they should never overwhelm a studio’s more intimate projects. Basedfor example, is a testament to Obsidian’s skills as a developer, and this sandbox title made waves during its early access period. BasedThe full version of is also available on Game Pass, and one could compare its reach and passion to Repentance, which will launch on Game Pass tomorrow. This marks two more intimate titles from Obsidian before its heavy hitters rush in.

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As we wrote in our Repentance review, “Some players may create chaos, others will try to keep the peace, but each will be able to tell the story of Repentance in their own way. It’s interactive choose-your-own storytelling for adventure at its finest, and while it seems too short, I hope there will be more stories and tomes like this one from Obsidian. in the future.”

Repentance releases November 15 on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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