Nicolas Cage snubbed by the Oscars despite rave reviews for his new film


Fans are devastated that Nicolas Cage wasn’t nominated for an Oscar this year. The 2021 Oscar nominations have been announced Tuesday, and apparently voters didn’t think Cage’s performance in Pork deserved a Best Actor nod. On social media, everyone from casual viewers to professional critics disagrees.

Pork was released in theaters in July 2021, which did not help its chances of being seen widely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s now streaming on Hulu and most major digital stores for rental or purchase. It tells the bizarre story of a former chef named Rob (Cage) who lives alone in the forests of Oregon and makes a living hunting down expensive truffles and selling them to restaurant distributors. The film follows his quest to find his prized fodder pig and uncovers dark secrets about him and the Portland, Oregon restaurant business.

The film was an undisputed critical success – at the time of this writing, 97% of Pig’s 229 reviews aggregated by rotten tomatoes are positive, and its average score is 8.2 out of 10. It has a score of 82 out of 100 on Metacritic as well, and both sites specifically shout about Cage’s performance. If that’s not enough to earn an Oscar nomination, fans are wondering, what is?

The Oscar nominations were trending on social media as usual after their announcement on Tuesday, but so was Cage. His performance could be considered the snub of the year, and it’s clear fans won’t soon forget him. Here are some of the top reactions to Cage’s Oscar snub.


Many fans tweeted as if they were already assuming Cage would get the Oscar nomination. Not giving it to him was tantamount to theft as they saw it.

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In the hours before the nominations were released, many fans were already tweeting their disappointment that Cage was unlikely to be recognized.

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This snub has motivated some fans to recommend Pork to their friends and family more emphatically than ever.

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Lost in the shuffle

Many reviewers didn’t even think of Cage until they read the nominations and formed their opinion. Once they realized Cage had been glossed over, they had to reconsider.

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Fans joked like they had already pre-tweeted Cage’s nomination only to be disappointed.

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Fans released their own “fixed” version of the nomination lists – in some cases identifying which actors should have been snubbed instead of Cage, and in other cases simply giving Cage the entire category.



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