Night parties until 9 a.m. come back to haunt the people of Anjuna

August 15, 2022 | 07:20 IST

NERVE RACKING: Night parties until 9 a.m. come back to haunt Anjuna residents

Locals allege that despite the low season, rave parties are held from Friday to Saturday, which continue until the following morning; accuse the police of turning a blind eye to these parties


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ANJUNA: The noise pollution from the loud and annoying music played relentlessly over the weekend continues to cause great trauma, harassment and disruption to the people of Anjuna.

Locals have alleged that despite the off-season, rave parties are held from Friday to Saturday and continue until the following morning. They further complained about the lack of control over the noise pollution caused by them.

According to High Court orders, the police are supposed to patrol the area and curb such activities. However, the police turned a blind eye.

The guidelines state that any function or party where loud music is played must end by 10 p.m., however, the organizers of these parties deliberately flout these guidelines and continue to play the loud music crossing 89 decibels until the early hours. residents said.

Residents said they continued to suffer from the loud music played at these parties and alleged that local police failed to take action despite several complaints.

It is pertinent to note that the Chief Minister has also publicly stated that most calls regarding complaints against loud music parties are hoaxes. Residents said that when the police team arrives on the scene, they find nothing but the reality on the ground is that the organizers are informed well in advance of the arrival of the police.

Locals further alleged that famous nightclubs and restaurants located in Vagator, just opposite Anjuna Police Station, were found playing loud music beyond the permitted limit over the weekend. end last.

They said that the police who are supposed to curb the threat, support it by initiating no action. Residents said that when they complain to police to let them know about these parties, cops say no such incidents are reported.

Ravi Harmalkar, Anjuna resident and social activist, said, “The CM should visit and check the status of loud music playing at night. Calling prank calls is not acceptable. The loud music parties held last weekend continued until the next morning, but the police took no action as these parties continue to be their source of additional income.

Desmond Alvares, a resident of Assagao, who is the former member of the noise pollution monitoring committee, said: “I can hear the loud music even when my house is located almost four kilometers from where are the clubs and restaurants. Parties that played loud music on Friday and Saturday continued until the next morning. About four to five nights played very loudly and they continued to play loud music until 9:30 the next day.

Anjuna PI Prashal Desai said, “The parties held over the weekend played music with limited volume and ended at 10 p.m. We had no complaints about parties playing loud music.

“The Goa Police is against illegal, unauthorized and secretly held events. If the details of the event are not revealed then on the face of it they have bad intentions and we will not allow such suspicious parties to happen. are performing in Goa. On top of that, all permitted music party must stop at 10 p.m. sharp. No one can get justice and we will not allow this to happen. We are constantly monitoring social media to suppress any such parties in the coastal belt,” DGP Jaspal Singh said.

The police, who are one of the main acting authorities, are responsible for enforcing noise pollution rules. Violators will face confiscation of the offending equipment as well as the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 which may extend to imprisonment for up to one year or to a fine of up to Rs one lakh or both.

In accordance with High Court instructions, each police station must keep a separate register to record complaints of noise pollution. The Police Inspector in charge of each police station must submit monthly reports to the Superintendent of Police North and South respectively of all complaints received regarding noise pollution and noise offenders, together with the name and address of the offender , and the measures taken on the same.

When a complaint is made by a citizen, the police attending the call must disclose their full name and designation at the time of the call and record all details of the noise pollution, i.e. the location of where the alleged violation takes place.


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