Nightclub warns ravers about dangerous ‘Blue Punisher’ MDMA pills


UK nightclub The Warehouse Project is warning raves to party safely.

Saturday, the club caught on Twitter to advise nightlife enthusiasts to beware of extra-strength bright blue ecstasy pills, which are stamped with a logo of Marvel’s “The Punisher.”

These pills were found at the Manchester club and were later tested by Manchester Metropolitan University, according to MixMag.

Since 2013, WHP has been performing on-site drug testing and working closely with the local Manchester Drug Analysis & Knowledge Exchange laboratory at MMU, also known as MANDRAKE.

“Reports of Blue Punisher pills having strong effects,” the club wrote in a tweet. “Please be careful and aware. If you feel unwell, please speak to a member of staff.

A follow-up tweet included a map of the club, noting designated “safe spaces” in the event of an emergency.

Ecstasy pills are stamped with Marvel’s “The Punisher” logo.

“Plan meeting points in case you get lost; stay together, go together,” the graphic advised.

“The social and medical areas are located next to the smoking area. They provide a non-judgmental and safe space if you need help,” the club promised on social media.

This is not the first time the Blue Punisher has been circulating in Manchester clubs. Last year, according to Vice, the strongest ecstasy pill in the UK was found in an unidentified nightclub. They too were blue and stamped with the vigilante logo.

MANDRAKE tested these pills and found that their dosage contained a huge dose of MDMA between 477mg.

The normal dose for an MDMA pill is around 80 to 120 mg.


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