Ontario Liberals call on police to investigate 15 companies linked to MP PC and his staff


The Ontario Liberal Party is calling on the Ontario Provincial Police to investigate the incorporation of 15 businesses or associations linked to a Progressive Conservative MP who is seeking re-election on June 2.

Documents seen by CBC News, which the Liberals say were sent directly to OPP Commissioner Thomas Carrique, show Vincent Ke’s staff and family members set up a series of companies after being elected MPP for the Toronto riding of Don Valley North in 2018.

However, PC Leader Doug Ford said Wednesday morning that the Liberals’ information was inaccurate. PC Party officials say no investigation is warranted because there is nothing wrong with setting up one of the societies, several of which are non-profit cultural associations.

The Liberal Party makes no allegations of wrongdoing, but urges police to look into the matter.

In a letter to police, Ontario Liberal Party Executive Director Ian Hall questioned why Ke staff would be involved in so many “shell companies” after his election to the Legislative Assembly.

“After reviewing the matter, we are concerned that these actions constitute a potential breach of trust,” Hall wrote in the letter dated Tuesday.

“I believe these are serious issues of public trust that warrant a full investigation by the OPP.”

PC Party officials say incorporating nonprofits is common practice in the Chinese community, and the bulk of the companies the Liberals have linked to Ke staff fall under this description. PCs say some of the numbered companies reported by the Liberals were set up for the purpose of buying personal property, with no political ties.

CBC News has also sought comment from Ke and has contacted the Ontario Provincial Police to ask whether or not they will investigate the matter.

An association received government funding this year

One of the companies the Liberals linked to Ke staff received $25,000 from the provincial government in February 2022.

The Agincourt Chinese Canadian Association has received a grant to train 40 seniors “to become mental health volunteers/ambassadors to provide group support to participants,” a government press release said.

However, the PCs claim that Ke was not involved in allocating this funding, point out that the association is not based in its constituency, and deny that the association is in fact directly linked to Ke staff.

According to incorporation records, the sole director of the association is John Jiangcheng Huang, who was married to Ke’s assistant, Yueyue Zhang. However, PCs say the couple separated in 2018, before the association was established, and divorced in 2021, before the grant was awarded.

Documents show that four other companies list Ke’s office manager, Yan Liu, or her husband, Xian Liu, as directors.

The Liberal Party letter says the apparent pattern of Ke staff involved in the incorporations raises questions.

“It is important that the air is clear around this and that these individuals do not abuse Mr. Ke’s role as a member of provincial parliament,” Hall wrote in the letter.


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