Ontario Political Parties Pledge to Support Ottawa’s Phase 3 Light Rail Transit Project


Ontario’s Liberals, New Democrats and Progressive Conservatives pledge to help the City of Ottawa expand light rail transit to Kanata, Stittsville and Barrhaven.

However, only the Liberals and the NDP have committed to funding 50% of the Stage 3 costs of the light rail project.

Mayor Jim Watson sent a letter to partial leaders and candidates in Nepean, Carleton and Kanata-Carleton, asking if they would commit to funding 50% of Ottawa’s Phase 3 light rail project in the ‘west.

The Liberals, New Democrats and Progressive Conservatives all responded, while Watson said there was no response from the Green Party.

Here is an overview of the responses from political parties.


The Ontario PC Party campaign noted that the party partnered with the City of Ottawa and the federal government in Stage 2 of the project, committing $1.2 billion.

“We will continue to work with the City of Ottawa to ensure that Stage 3 of the Ottawa LRT is completed with provincial support in a way that respects taxpayer dollars and provides value for money. “, says the letter.

“Our team is committed to ensuring that the people of Ottawa have a safe and reliable public transit system.


Ontario New Democrats have said yes, they are committed to negotiating with the city for 50% funding for Ottawa’s Phase 3 light rail project.

“The NDP would restore provincial funding for municipal transit and paratransit systems to 50% of their net operating costs. We will work with municipalities to improve service, reduce wait times and make municipal transit systems more affordable,” the letter from Kanata-Carleton candidate Melissa Coenraad reads.

“The NDP is committed to funding Ontario’s share of Ottawa’s light rail transit program, including expansion to Kanata and Barrhaven.”


Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca said the Liberals are committed to expanding public transit and “reducing fares to one dollar through 2024.”

“I am pleased to confirm that our Liberal plan for Ontario, A Place to Grow, provides 50% provincial funding for Stage 3 of Ottawa’s regional transportation plan, applying lessons learned from the first two stages. said Del Duca.

“Our plan also commits to working with federal partners to advance high-frequency rail service between Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec City.”


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