Oregon football wide receiver Ashton Cozart raves about Dan Lanning and new coaching staff


The recent discussion of Oregon’s recruiting success in the Class of 2023 has been Dante Moore. And that’s understandable. After all, he is the highest-rated quarterback in the program.

But what about the players who will catch his passes?

wide receiver Ashton Cozart decided to turn things around in his recruiting about two months ago when he flipped his commitment from the Oklahoma Sooners to the Oregon Ducks. Fan Nation AllGators editor Zach Goodall caught up with the talented wide receiver in Florida this weekend at the Under Armor Future 50 Camp.

Cozart signed up with the Sooners in February, but there was a coach who had a long-standing relationship with him, one that dates back to his childhood. When this coach came back, he felt he had to listen.

“I grew up in the Pacific Northwest,” Cozart said. “I’m sure you know Junior Adams, the receivers coach. He developed Cooper Kupp, Kendrick Bourne, great receivers like that. I always had a relationship with him growing up there and he’s been recruiting me ever since. freshman year. When he hit me, it definitely sparked something in me like it would be awesome to go back to the Pacific Northwest.”

Adams is just one trainer who is already on the rise after trading the purple and gold Husky for the green and yellow of Oregon and Cozart offered more on what makes him special.

“He’s a perfectionist. Coach Adams is really like a coach. You kind of get that coaching feel from him, but he’s also your coach too. You can really work with him and he can really help you. make better at your position. It went big for me. That’s what happened for me, it was development and it brings the biggest plate.

The 6-foot-3 wide, now at Martin High School in Flowermound, Texas, spent his first two high school seasons in Washington. Once he moved to the Lone Star State, he never imagined himself returning to the West Coast en masse.

“Before, when I was exploding in my recruiting and just moving to Texas, I was like, ‘Man, I never want to go back,'” he said. “As soon as you’re sort of matured and see all about the way it is and future moves, not like money moves but like business moves. Okay, that would be a better situation for me in the future.

“I’m really glad it ended in the Pacific Northwest with all my connections there. I’m really glad it ended up like that.”

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As he targets his senior season before arriving in Eugene, there are quite a few changes that could happen in the near future, especially with the conference realignment. But Cozart is not fazed by the uncertainty.

“To be honest with you, it doesn’t matter where we go,” he said of the Oregon conference’s future. “I don’t care if we’re in the SEC. That’s where I originally wanted to play. It doesn’t matter if it’s Pac-12, SEC, ACC, wherever. I’m ready to play whatever. he is coming.”

Junior Adams is probably the coach with the closest ties to the playmaker, but this recruitment was and still is a team effort.

“Coach Dillingham, Coach Lanning, all these coaches. I don’t know how to explain it,” Cozart said. “It’s really like a family. I have a big group chat with all the staff and we’re always talking and just arguing in there. It’s really nice.”

This new coaching staff has been praised many times for their scouting abilities, but Dan Lanning might hold the crown for now, thanks in large part to the recruiting battles he’s won to keep players from transferring.

“He did a good job with what he did in Oregon,” he said of Lanning. “I know a lot of guys in the team who, after Cristobal left, said to me ‘we all wanted to transfer when we found out he was gone. But when Coach Lanning came in with the new staff, the relationship that we started with Lanning, I couldn’t change, it’s just too good. “

Oregon also has a wide receiver Curse Dickey engaged in the 2023 cycle, which will go well with Cozart at the next level.

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