Pinarayi’s Simple Solution to End Political Violence and Satheesan’s Comparison of Terrorists and PMO | Kerala News


Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has a simple and logical solution to end political violence in Kerala. “Those who had picked up the knife just have to drop it,” the chief minister said as he answered a motion to adjourn on the law and order issue in the Assembly on Wednesday.

From the crime figures read by the Chief Minister, it can be deduced that the CPM was not among those who took the knife.

Between January 25, 2021 and February 21 this year, there were six political killings, the chief minister said. “In these six political murders, the main defendants belonged to the SDPI, the BJP, the RSS, the Youth Congress and the KSU. “It is clear from this that the UDF is joining forces with communal elements to transform the Kerala into a killing field,” the chief minister said.

“The need of the hour is to expose the communal forces. Instead, you are encouraging violence and trying to put the government in the dock,” he told the opposition.

Opposition leader VD Satheesan hit back at the chief minister. “You can accuse us of anything in the world, but accusing the UDF of organizing a breakdown in public order would be a joke. Besides, we don’t need lessons in non-violence from the part of CPM,” Satheesan said.

He said the CPM operated far more cruelly than even terrorist organizations. “Terrorists stab or shoot their prey. But you keep hacking and disfiguring faces long after death. Also, terrorists don’t plan murders as meticulously as the CPM,” said the Leader of the Opposition. noted.

Leader of the opposition VD Satheesan

“You choose your target, choose the killers and give them money and vehicles. They are then told how to commit the act, and after the killing where to leave the weapons and the vehicle. The area committee that would protect the killers were also chosen in advance,” he said.

Satheesan then appeared to suggest that the death of engineering student Dheeraj in Idukki, in which members of the Youth Congress were implicated, occurred when a small group attempted to flee from a violent rushing mob. towards them.

“You had a situation where six men were chased by 150,” Satheesan said, prompting a belligerent provocation from the other side. “I don’t justify anything and we won’t protect the culprits, but I just want the chief minister to ask his police what happened at the university campus in Idukki,” Satheesan said in the face of outbursts of anger from the side of power.

The chief minister had previously ridiculed the opposition saying they were reluctant to even remotely criticize the activities of the communal forces.

Satheesan separated the office of chief minister. “You accuse us of joining the communal forces, but on the same day your party employee (Haridasan) was brutally killed by Sangh Parivar elements in Thalassery, you shamelessly colluded with the BJP to destabilize power of the UDF in the neighboring panchayat of Kumbala Even the BJP “Kumbala workers were angry with K Surendran for his secret deal with the CPM. That’s not all. You had sought SDPI votes to drop us in Eerattupetta panchayat,” Satheesan said.

Muslim League MP N Shamsudheen, who moved the motion, attributed the twin killings of SDPI and BJP workers to Alappuzha, the bombing death and murder of Haridasan to Kannur and the death of Deepu, a member of Twenty Twenty, in Kizhakkambalam, to police inaction. “The police were aware of the existing death threats. Your police could not even save the life of Haridasan, a CPM worker. Although he informed the police of a threat to his life, the police l ‘just warned to be careful and did nothing else,’ Shamsudheen said.

He said that Pinarayi Vijayan might have failed in creating an effective industrial corridor, but he succeeded in creating a “goonda corridor” through Kerala. He said there had been more than 25 incidents of violence in the capital district, “right under the noses of the chief minister and senior police officers”.

He said the LDF government had created an atmosphere conducive to hassle-free criminal activity. “All criminals convicted of the brutal murder of TP Chandrasekharan are on parole. They spend more time outside than in prison. days,” Shamsudheen said.

“And one of them, Keermani Manoj, attended a rave party in Wayanad from which illegal drugs of the most extreme variety were confiscated,” he said. “You are afraid to touch Keermani Manoj,” Shamsudheen said.

Satheesan used the incident at Kottayam East police station, where a history leafist dumped the body of a teenager he had kidnapped, tortured and killed, to demonstrate the sad state of Kerala police. “When the goonda was performing a chest-punching performance in front of the station after throwing the corpse away, the police officers locked the door from the inside and secretly peeked out to see what the goonda was doing,” said said Satheesan.

This provoked the Chief Minister. He stood up and asked if Satheesan had seen that. “You’re going to ask your police what happened there,” Satheesan retorted.


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