Police called for an event at Forton Recreation Ground, Gosport



The POLICE has defended its gentle and gentle approach to a “rave-like” event taking place in a town in Hampshire.

Officers investigating the loud music complaints took no further action after learning that the early evening event, held in memory of a recently deceased person, was about to end.

Police were called to a recreation ground in Forton Road, Gosport, at 7:45 p.m. on November 12.

On social media, Gosport Cops said: “Police are not always as straightforward as right and wrong. Officers are often called upon to use their judgment and discretion to determine how best to handle a particular situation.

“The officers went there after reports of a ‘rave-like’ event. There was a large group in the park and the music was really loud.

The officers walked up and spoke to the person who was a DJ. He quickly explained that the event was in memory of someone who had recently passed away, but would end within the next half hour.

“With that in mind, and given the relatively early hour of the evening, the polite and friendly demeanor of everyone present, the fact that this was not a regular event, as well as ‘a strong desire not to prevent people from remembering a relative and friend for another 30 minutes or so, we decided to pick up and come back later if we got more calls.

“Those present kept their word and we did not receive any more calls after 8:30 p.m.

“While we understand that not everyone will have been happy with our decision-making here, we really felt this was the best approach to the situation on this occasion, and thank those who understood where we were from. were coming.

“We did our best to accommodate both the wishes of people complaining about noise, as well as the wishes of those who gathered to remember someone they loved.

“While we feel we struck the right balance on the night in question, we understand the perspective of a caller who was slightly frustrated with the lack of intervention.

“To that person, we can only assure you that we would have come back if there had been an obligation to do so, and we certainly would not have allowed this event to continue late into the night.

“We hope the above helps explain the difficult position we found ourselves in and the reasons for the decisions we made.”



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