Police dance to raves, ignore noise pollution complaints


Mapusa: It’s party time along Goa’s famous coastline, but it’s a hell of a time for locals who have to put up with ‘loud’ music and a malleable police force.

Rave parties are in full swing on the Anjuna Coast with music booming all night long much to the chagrin of local residents.

Several nightclubs and commercial establishments dotting the famous coastline of Anjuna and Vagator play loud music beyond the permitted limit.

While UV Bar, Curlies and Lumina are some of the popular clubs along South Anjuna/Vagator Beach, Hilltop, Jungle Origens, Nine Bar and Club Fresh are some of Ozrant’s outdoor clubs.

Last week’s long Easter weekend saw endless parties with loud music booming across all commercial units in the village.

Incidentally, the organizers of rave parties have the tacit support of the Anjuna police, who refuse to accept noise pollution complaints and sometimes even threaten complainants.

Assagao resident Desmond Alvares in a complaint to Anjuna police named six nightclubs playing very loud music well over the stipulated 55 decibels and beyond the stipulated time that could be heard nearly four kilometers away.

“Even after filing a complaint in writing, no action was taken by the police. On the contrary, the police officers threatened me for filing a complaint,” Alvares said.

Similarly, another resident of Prais-vaddo, Anjuna, Ryan Braganza wrote to the police stating that loud amplified music was being played at UV Bar, Prais-vaddo, Anjuna all night last Sunday at a very high volume and has demanded action against the popular nightclub in the village.

After complaints to the Anjuna Police failed to cut much ice, Alvares wrote to the Goa State Pollution Control Board (GSPCB) asking for noise pollution relief and an action against the inept police.

The GSPCB in turn ordered the Collector, North Goa and Superintendent of Police to investigate the matter and take appropriate action to control noise pollution, if any, in the area.

“The Council has received a complaint against the Anjuna Police for failing to take strict action against rave parties which are held day and night causing inconvenience to people living nearby. You are urged to investigate and take appropriate action in the matter,” Shamila Monteiro, GSPCB Membership Secretary said in her letter to officials.

A dismayed Alvares informed that even after writing to the GSPCB, the rave parties and loud music have not stopped and the police continue to skip school.

He said that instead of installing noise monitoring stations in Anjuna, the GSPCB was just shifting the blame to other departments.

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Posted: Sunday, April 24, 2022, 10:47 a.m. IST


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