Police seize drugs, arrest 18 people at rave party in Guwahati



Police recovered huge amounts of drugs, including cocaine, from an upscale apartment in the Kharguli district of Guwahati and arrested 18 people, allegedly drug traffickers and drug addicts, at a rave party, said Saturday a police official.

Acting on specific reports that drugs were being used at a birthday party hosted by someone in the apartment, city police raided around midnight on Friday, the police commissioner said. from Guwahati City, Harmeet Singh.

He told reporters that cocaine was first seized in the city and that those arrested at the rave party are suspected to have out-of-state connections.

Police seized four kilograms of cocaine, ganja and weeds of various types, Singh said.

The cell phones of those arrested are being verified and details will be revealed after the questioning of those arrested and the investigation into the case.

Those arrested were not only engaged in buying, selling and consuming illegal drugs, but also violated Covid-19 protocol by gathering in large numbers and throwing a party, which is prohibited by the state government, Singh said.

The Assam government has launched a war on drugs and huge amounts of drugs have been seized and hawkers have been arrested over the past fifteen weeks in the capital alone. He said 330g of heroin, 12.5kg of ganja and 65 hawkers, excluding those arrested in Friday night’s incident, and 12 vehicles were seized, Singh said.

He asked people to share information with the police and assured that the names of informants will not be revealed.

Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said on the sidelines of a meeting that contraband drugs were seized daily.

“The war on drugs will continue until the state is completely free from it,” he said, adding that the state government has taken tough measures to control drug traffickers.

Sarma, after taking office in May, ordered police to crack down on drug trafficking in the state.

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