Police shut down drinking party in Rajkot in Gujarat and arrest 15 people


Rajkot, June 28 (IANS): Fifteen people consuming alcohol in a closed industrial unit were arrested by the police on Monday evening. Tuesday evening, all were released on bail.

Rajkot Rural Police was informed by the Counter Terrorism Squad that a rave party was taking place at a closed industrial unit in Matoda Industrial Zone. A team from Paddhari Police Station led by Sub-Inspector MD Makwana raided the plastic factory. Instead of a rave party, police discovered that 14 men and one woman were drinking alcohol.

The police arrested them all and also seized cars, 19 mobile phones and IMFL bottles. These young people came from the districts of Rajkot and Bhavnagar. They told the police that as raids on farms had become common, they decided to party at a closed industrial unit.

In another incident, Rajkot city police arrested three students. The group led by Krishnapalsinh Vaghela allegedly stole scrap metal from construction sites. They were going to celebrate the birthday of one of the defendants with the money earned by selling scrap metal.

Krishnapalsinh allegedly told the police that he and his friends had rented two vehicles, a Scorpio and an i-20 for Rs 4500. When the police arrested the three youths, there were 150 kg of scrap metal in the Scorpio. Police recovered property worth Rs 12 lakh.


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