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In 2001, President Bush sent troops to Afghanistan. Necessary. In 2003, he declared “Mission accomplished”. Great! Why didn’t he bring our troops home then? Don’t blame Biden for a debacle he didn’t create.

Hello, Protestants. Did you know that most of your denominations supported abortions in 1973 (Roe v Wade) and 100 years ago (eugenics). Why the change?

Democrats put the rats in the Democrats, or the Liberals put the Lying to the Liberals

SC Attorney General (and McMaster Minion) Joe Wilson is suing Columbia City Council for wanting to protect students and school staff in Columbia from COVID by requiring the use of masks! Looks like the theme for McMaster and Wilson’s Republican re-election campaign will be LET THE CHILDREN DIE!

Let me see if I have this right. Our tax money is used to sue a community for having the temerity to look after the health of its citizens. Is that right? A community that demonstrates good judgment, common sense and compassion is punished by the state and I PAY IT? This is the very definition of arrogance. And stupidity. It seems that absolute power has finally been completely corrupted.

Maybe Republicans aren’t worried about losing their base to the pandemic because they’ve found ways to to win elections without voters.

Often on rainy days the postman does not pick up or deliver the mail. Even in good weather, mail can arrive until 8 p.m. (29205-3543) USPS Needs a New Postmaster – Now!

I know Lou Kennedy (CEO of Nephron Pharmaceuticals) is a diehard Republican. But she showed true leadership by requiring the vaccination of all employees, vendors and visitors to its establishment. Pragmatism over politics. You are a credit to our community.

Thank you, full professors of Clemson, for your Wednesday walkout on the optional mask rule. Principles and public health before political politics. You rock!

Local multimillionaires own 14 Columbia / Florence restaurants. Closure due to lack of personnel. Kitchen run by SCDC inmates at $ 7.25 / hour. Waiters – $ 2.13 plus tips. My God, I feel bad for the … owners. Why oh why wouldn’t someone want to work for you?

Whatever happened to that guy from Knock Knock. He won the Price without bell. Haha.

I asked my nine year old granddaughter what her favorite class was. She said break.

My favorite cereal is Grape Nuts, although it doesn’t have grapes and it doesn’t have nuts. Yes.

You know, it’s a rave, a rave. It’s a rave for good parents. Good parents teach their children to stand on their own feet. Good parents teach their children, I can’t keep helping you out. You break a window. I can’t pay for the window. You get caught for speeding, I can’t pay the ticket for you. Good parents teach children to stand on their own feet. It is high time to cut ties with Afghanistan and let these dear people stand on their own feet. It is that simple.

You know, the best analogy for back to school / the South Carolina pandemic response is just 10 people cooking in the kitchen. It’s really interesting how nobody is like a FUBAR and you all know what that means. But you just want the state to do better. But that’s just a great example of – never dare you forget what a state you’re in.

You know, it’s a rave for good friends. The air conditioning in the house went out on Saturday night. And I thank the Lord for the air conditioning. The house worked until the 80’s and I repeat, I thank the Lord, we have a small swimming pool. But a friend fixed it on a Sunday for $ 100 and I thank the Lord it’s a rave for good friends and a rave for air conditioning. You don’t know what you have until he’s gone.

Okay, I’m sitting here reading August 18th. Free time and on page A12. Sub lots for sale. Here’s a photo of something and an ad that says sell (gibberish for five seconds) and it looks like a picture. I don’t know what a picture is of. A bank safe? I don’t know what it is. So was it like the day off for proofreaders or? OKAY. You might want to, you know, take a look at things before you print them. Okay goodbye.

Hello, I’m thinking of Rep Jay West. Talk about the new Slowpoke bill. My rave is against him because he says people think it’s about allowing people to accelerate more in the left lane and it’s not. Well, that is exactly what the bill is for. It’s about allowing people to accelerate further in the left lane. People who are in this mainly left lane, they don’t go 60. They don’t go the posted speed limit. So that’s exactly the approach, the bill would allow these people to go as fast as they want.

Good evening, thank you for your time. I was just browsing the papers today to see all the people in the mind box who believe certain things have happened because of donald trump. Well let’s look at it a different way, how much do you pay for gasoline? How much do you pay for electricity? How much do you pay for your groceries and everything you use every day? He canceled the pipeline.

We have gangster hummingbirds. If you don’t feed them, they will come to the door.

Well Sleepy Joe, the only person you can blame is yourself. So you made a big mistake, just like Nixon did. And yes, we were helicoptered from the roof. I actually have a helicopter on my roof right now. And then wake up, Joe, we have to go.

Bear has a comment. If you still think the virus is a hoax, or refuse to get the vaccine no matter what, or are simply exhausted due to restrictions, masks, etc. since, it would all be behind us. Back to normal, no fourth wave. Think about it.

You know, what attracts me is that we have a huge homeless population here in Colombia. But I’m sitting here at the red light on the corner of Airport Boulevard and Hwy 26 in Cayce-West Columbia and there are two abandoned hotels there. Why doesn’t someone come in to fix it? Why does our government not step in to fix these two hotels and help provide people with a place to stay? I mean, they’ve been sitting there empty for a year now. I mean, it doesn’t make sense to me. Thank you and good day.

I’ve made up my mind I’m not getting a reminder unless I have a $ 100 Walmart gift card or at least one pack of 12 PBR. Thank you so much.

You know, it amazes me that Attorney General Mr. Highfalutin Alan Wilson sued the City of Columbia to sue the City of Columbia for the school mask warrant, but he doesn’t have time to do anything. either about it. regulate carpools. He doesn’t have time for all of this, but he has time to sue the city of Columbia, for reasons that are apparently for the safety of our children, but he doesn’t care about carpooling. Let them run rampant in the city. Thank you very much for your time. Good day.



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