Rant & Rave: Ballard Sea Lions, Please Shut Up


RANT to sea lions. Amusingly as many people find the recent presence of dozens of noisy sea lions at the entrance to the Shilshole Ship Canal, hundreds of locals in the Ballard and Magnolia area have had to adjust to the constant 24/7 barking /7 since early December, causing sleep disturbances and general inconvenience in their household. Looks like something could be done for the breakwater near Ray’s before there are no fish left in that area.

RAVE to a helpful pharmacist. Recently I stopped by Bartell Drugs in Sammamish to purchase an N95 mask. They were out, but I thought they would be. The pharmacist told me that I could order some online like she had. I continued my shopping. The pharmacist caught up with me and told me she had extra masks in her car. She gave me two and wouldn’t let me pay for them! I was taking my 81 year old husband to the doctor the next day and these were good masks to wear.

RANT to party buses. My daughter lives in Nashville, famous for its drunken bachelor parties, carried around by buses playing music and serving booze. My rant is that someone decided to try this in Seattle. Unlike Tennessee, it’s cold and wet here, so the idea of ​​a bus without a roof won’t work. Nevertheless, we now have a bus criss-crossing First Avenue trying to generate the same vibe. Take your bus with the millions of decibels and hang out in the fraternity at UW. They will love you.

RAVE to what seems like a minority of our citizens these days who manage to avoid the bad habit of mispronouncing the month of February. The correct pronunciation is Feb-ru-ary (not Feb-u-ary).

RAVE to Sydne of UW Radiation Oncology for welcoming a terrified cancer patient to his first appointment by saying, “I’m sorry you had to be here. I’m too. Thank you for your kindness during my time with you.

RANT to all other indifferent dog owners, again. Your dogs won’t mind being left at home or in the car while you walk into your favorite restaurant or pharmacy. I’ve conceded hardware stores and lumber yards, just because of the numbers, but why do you need their help for a cup of coffee?

RAVE to a helpful hospital worker. Trying to locate my doctor’s office, I was completely turned around at the Swedish First Hill resort. A hospital employee/manager, Wade, who was clearly busy, saw me looking for and took the time to escort me through a maze of elevators until, realizing I had the wrong address. , he took me out and across the street where I was supposed to go. to be.

RAVE to the kind and alert people and staff at the Crossroads Post Office who returned a lost key.


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