Rant & Rave: Random act of kindness brightens day for grieving Seattle resident


RAVE to an unexpected act of kindness. As I was walking through the forest in Seward Park, I came across a pretty little bouquet of wildflowers arranged in a small vase and placed in the hollow of a tree. “Whoever you are, these flowers are for you! was written on a note. I had recently lost my brother to a heart attack and was grieving. The unexpected bouquet lifted my spirits and for that, thank you!

RANT the lack of raincoats. While shopping in Bellevue Square we were shocked to see that there were no raincoats for sale. In rainy Seattle?

RAVE to be part of the biggest party in the world! Four days of horses, marching bands, fancy dress, ceremonies, and all from the comfort of my own home! Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth!

RANT to noisy cinemas. My husband and I went to a recent screening of “Top Gun” at the Lincoln Square Cinema. It was like being in “Romper Room”. Seriously, people were arriving with strollers with 3 and 4 year olds. They were running around, they had their iPads on and they were chatting. Some of us made comments and told them to shut up and the parents did nothing. There was no one there watching anything. I found no directions.

RAVE to the kind and honest person who returned our daughter’s purse at Northgate LRT station! She was coming home from college for the summer with red eyes, got off at Roosevelt station and left her purse. We had been home for about 45 minutes when she realized she didn’t have her purse. Did she leave it on the plane or did she drop it off at the airport? We started to panic because it had everything in it: driver’s license, student card, debit card, etc. It was a sinking feeling because she was leaving in a week to study abroad in Spain. How could we replace everything in such a short time? You saved the day, sweet angel! You proved to a 20-year-old college student the importance of honesty and restored faith in this mother. Thank you from the heart!

RANT to poplar in June.

RAVE to helpful people. Today I was stranded in the middle of the road on NE 35th Avenue in Seattle, blocking an entire lane of traffic. Within minutes, two young women from the neighborhood came to offer me a push so I could get off the road. With their help, and the help of several other neighbors and bystanders, they managed to pull it off the road. Their kindness to this 80-year-old lady will be forever appreciated. I couldn’t have done without it. It reminded me of the friendliness we encountered when we got lost downtown on our first trip to Seattle in 1962! It’s still there!

STORM Go wild on all the new townhouses being built in Ballard, kudos to me for staying in my house and considering renting my garden to them for parties!

RAVE to the other drugstore customer in Jefferson Square who chased after me with my credit card when I left it at the checkout.


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