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Keep pets out of stores

Crazy Writer in your Nov. 12 issue about thoughtless, selfish, “rules don’t apply to me” people who bring their dogs to grocery stores (and the like).

I don’t care if “Pippi loves shopping.” I worry about the lack of sanitation, especially when Pippi is sitting in the cart where I want to put my groceries. Also for those with fake service animal vests, shame on you!

Your four-pound dog is no more of a service animal than my granddaughter’s teddy bear. How many of your readers, I wonder, agree with me and the original author?

Delightful for business

If you need a great battery and want to be treated well by helpful staff, you should give Royal Battery a try.

They went out of their way to help me and I highly recommend them. Their prices are unbeatable and they know what they are talking about. They are honest and I was told what to do. They also sell more than car batteries.

Rebuild to improve schools

As a business owner and teacher, I am writing in support of the Build Back Better plan, specifically the universal funding component of preschool and child care. This bill will not only help families and children, but also preschool and child care providers. Childcare (family / at home or in a center) needs help so that we can continue to support working families and especially our future our children!

Specifically, BBB will help me compensate our staff fairly and not overburden parents with the 7% limit of their income and government support. We are doing this as a country for children of primary school age and above, it is high time that we include all children. We are the only country in the world that does not help families with young children and the struggle is visible. When one in three families look for child care so they can return to work in the United States, we have a problem. We see this in our center because we receive requests several times a week from parents who wish to have their child looked after. Currently, due to teacher shortages, we have an empty classroom; potentially 20 places left empty.

Putting money into staff salaries, staff training to increase quality as well as parents’ pockets will increase staff and availability of care. Holding businesses accountable is essential for high quality care and a strong workforce, but we need BBB Bill to keep doing it!

Take the pandemic seriously

I was somewhat surprised by the photo and article by the local sheriff in a recent county post. There he is, in full uniform, smiling happily in front of several workers in the anti-vax space.

It appears he is giving his full official support to the few workers who refuse to protect themselves and their colleagues from the most serious pandemic in a century. If I didn’t know better, I would say he is bending over and, though somewhat misguided, positioning himself for possible future political aspirations. It is totally irresponsible and inappropriate of him to do so in a seemingly official capacity. Perhaps his office slogan would read better: “Help yourself and protect … some”

Watch out for assistance dogs

Recently we read the rant about dogs in food markets. While I agree with some of the arguments about service animals, please don’t talk about things you don’t understand.

There are things like mobility assistance dogs such as Chewie my wife’s French mastiff.

My wife being in a wheelchair after breaking an AVM has acquired a mobility dog.

Now that he can’t put food in the cart, he pulls the cart AND her into her wheelchair, allowing her to shop and put things in her cart.

If you don’t like dogs, don’t own one. If you are afraid of dogs, stay away from them. If you don’t like my wife’s dog, stay away. Have you ever thought that the dog might feel the same way to you?

If you are so worried about germs then I am very sorry for you. As these carts, bottles, bags, jars and cans are not sterile. You have a lot more germs from humans touching items in the store, so if my wife’s dog sniffed it.

Have a wonderful life!

Not having an air conditioner failure late Friday afternoon

Our home air conditioner had recently stopped working on Thursday, but we didn’t find out until Friday, around noon, when the inside temperature hit 85 degrees.

The duty man determined around 6 p.m. that a particular part needed to be replaced, but because that part rarely failed, it was not stored locally. The only place that had it was the plant in northern Tennessee, and they were closed from 5 p.m. Friday afternoon until Monday morning. The part couldn’t even be ordered until Monday morning and then shipped overnight at considerable cost with it arriving here Tuesday afternoon.

Fortunately it was installed late Tuesday, but I had to stay at a local hotel until the next morning as the situation could not be physically tolerated.

The bottom line: If you only suspect an air conditioning / heating / electricity / water / gas problem in your accommodation, call them as soon as possible, rather than waiting until later in the week to see what happens. A necessary replacement part may be available the same day, rather than four days later.

I say hell with liberals and liberal thinkers

They practically want Walmart to raise the wages of its employees without questioning whether this decision, for now, is correct.

Walmart runs its business very well. There are appropriate pay increases as they are earned. I worked for two years at Walmart when I was 80 years old. They didn’t do anything extraordinary for me, but it was a pleasure to work for them.

They have a good program before. If you look closely, you will find that among its workers there are old, I mean old women employed by Walmart.

I myself saw two old, almost decrepit women working jobs at Walmart.

Doggon Liberals should mind their own business. They only know how to bleed for anyone, regardless of the consequences. The Liberals are crazy and dangerous.

Police outside and trash can

I just read the newspaper and really appreciate your “Rants & Raves” page.

What really touched me was this young lady who wrote that she had been there for 23 years and never saw a cop go out and talk to people or be close to the neighbors. And I understand what she means.

If the police want people to know who they are and what they are and how they care about you, it would be a good thing for them to go there.

And the same with the kids – the kids got to know the police, that they care about them and watch them. A lot is going on [that are] Wrong. That would be great.

And then she said something that struck me too. The only thing that fills up is the trash. They put garbage everywhere; and I take my dog ​​for a walk, and I pick up the trash.

It’s a shame that we have a bunch of kids who live like pigs, and they throw their trash all over the beautiful streets that people try to get.

Do you care about your job or just your salary?

I have noticed that many don’t care about the job they have and just care about the salary they get.

I have had the problems of those who don’t care about the job, as long as they get paid. These were doctors, nurses and even health care that I once had. They only re-educate them!

I’m disabled now, but when I was working I cared, if we didn’t care we got fired; and it was union work. We put furniture in the World Trade buildings.

Memory? Although I was disabled when this terrible incident happened, I was and still am in Florida.

I had to go and help, because that’s my concern, just like it was with those who were helping too. Do you care for your job or just the salary?

How much was it already?

On Sunday a friend and I went to one of the movie theaters. I was literally shocked at the price of a small glass under 12 ounces.

“How much is that, I asked?”

“It will be $ 4,” she said.

“It’s not your fault,” I told him, “but it’s an outrage.”

How can concessions get away with charging so much for a small drink? It’s a travesty and a total scam. It’s no wonder that theater attendance is at an all-time low.

I could have bought a gallon of charcuterie lemonade tea from Publix for $ 2 or two gallons for $ 4. Next time I’ll skip the glass or bring my own.


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