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Although faulty, home sweet home

Okay, already with the abundant “Rants”.

While there is always room for improvement, allow the following unmistakable “raves”, as only a few of the many for which the luck of living (as well as the surrounding area) of New Smyrna Beach can be truly imperfect. grateful.

Randomly jump in my mind: celebrations, festivals, parades; fall break in hot and humid rainy weather for mild and short winters, spring planting and return to the good old summer weather; Ponce Inlet Pier and Lighthouse; parachutists, surfers and paddleboarders; mean low-tide walks between the beach and the dunes with a stop along the way for Breaker’s burgers; National Seashore Park including Turtle Mound, Eldora and nearby for everything that comes with JB’s Fish Camp; walk up and down Canal Street and Flagler Avenue; the North Causeway Drawbridge and South Causeway / Third Avenue High Bridge, plus a relatively small but recently repaired bridge over the Berry Canal; Riverside Drive; launching ramps and parks; equestrian field and golf courses; Atlantic Center for the Arts, The Hub, Bob Ross Workshop and Arts on Douglas; the Center for Marine Sciences; the former Dairy Queen and Little Drugs Store; the History Museum and the Black Heritage Museum; a diverse estuary; the ruins of the sugar mill; Indian River lagoon; small airport and race track; farmers’ market on Saturdays; bowling and Merk’s Sports Bar; intra-coastal waterway; local and deep sea fishing; unique shops, bars / restaurants, lounges / spas; and convenient health facilities, schools and higher education institutions.

In response to “Learn the story or be condemned …”

It might be good to keep the story in perspective.

While you are listing “seriously shameful” historical events in the United States, you may want to list the seriously shameful actions of Japan (China and the Philippines), England (Ireland, Scotland, India) , from the former USSR, from Germany, Australia, the Catholic Church. I could go on.

You can also list countries, nations, or city-states that have been better than the United States at creating opportunity and equality for their citizens, and which have historically treated their citizens better than the United States. This last list is the one that will interest me the most.

The United States has been one of the most successful governing entities in the world in creating opportunity and equality for its citizens.

Thanks for thursday

I look forward to Thursday afternoon because your paper is delivered to our house that day. Please do not change or delete anything from the Rants & Raves column. It tells you how people think.

Dan Smith’s review is awesome. He talks about interesting and historical things that we wouldn’t have known without reading his column. And it’s all free. Thank you. A loyal and thoughtful reader.

Happy to sail

I took a well-deserved four day cruise from Port Canaveral.

A Covid-19 PCR test no earlier than 72 hours before my arrival at the terminal was required. This is the first document that I have been asked to show. I was then OK to proceed in the terminal. I gladly showed my vaccination card and received a green bracelet, which I was asked to wear all the time, and a follow-up bracelet. The mask was compulsory in the doors.

I was so happy to see everyone working again. And they said, “we’re so glad to see you.” This cruise ship went out of its way to keep us safe. I felt comfortable and had a great time. The team were so happy to get back to work.

No one should worry about getting on a cruise ship. They did an exceptional job. We didn’t mind following their protocol. Everyone I spoke to was happy that we had the rules in place.

Get rid of waste

Recently, I had the great honor of getting rid of some garbage.

And there is a lot of garbage for disposal in Volusia County. In a courageous and forward-thinking move, the town of Holly Hill partnered with Dream Green Volusia and agreed to the installation of a simple and ingenious device called a watergoat.

Dream Green is a Florida-based nonprofit group that works on environmental issues throughout the county and a water goat collects waterborne waste for easy harvesting.

I was part of a group of volunteers tasked with picking up the litter trapped by the Holly Hill Water Goat on the canal that runs along LPGA Boulevard. This canal is part of a waterway system under the control of Volusia County. Authorizing the water goat was a no-brainer since it was paid for by a grant (ie “free” for the city / county). And there are more grants available for similar installations.

This particular facility was part of a county-wide anti-waste campaign led by Dream Green Volusia. Similar facilities are also in place at Edgewater and New Smyrna Beach.

Dream Green promotes a number of anti-waste projects, including an “adopt a drain” program, an “only rain in the drains” campaign and beautifully executed murals on trash cans throughout the county. Public awareness and participation are essential to make this anti-waste campaign a success. And if all of Volusia’s municipal governments are also involved, we won’t just be dreaming, but we will actually keep Volusia green. I feel honored to get rid of Volusia’s litter.

What about the environment

This is a boat building site in Edgewater.

How far can they build water? Has anyone noticed the sounds of plants running around the clock or the smells of plants you can smell, especially in the evening. They test boats in an area without a wake.

Does the company respect the environment and the local populations? What are they doing to the environment?

Give other drivers a break

In my time living here, I have never seen such rude and reckless drivers, accelerate, butt and cut people.

The worst offenders are those who drive vans. I guess since they drive a big truck they can intimidate people. I don’t know what to do about it. They do it because they know they can get away with it, because there is no traffic control in that area.

Please slow down and give people a break.

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