Rave party: police step up investigation to identify drug supplier


Halasuru Police are continuing their investigation into the drug case, involving Bollywood actor and DJ Siddhanth Kapoor and five others, to identify the person who supplied the party with drugs. A raid on a hotel on MG Road late on Sunday evening saw five people arrested and later released on bail for allegedly using drugs at a rave party.

Police have called the sixth defendant unknown, assuming it is the peddler and efforts are underway to locate him.

The accused, who was released on bail, appeared before the police on Tuesday for questioning. Although the sections of the NDPS Act imposed on them are of a serious nature, they were released on bail because the police could not recover drugs from anyone, sources said.

The police interrogate the hotel staff and retrieve the entry register to find out who attended the party. Siddhanth, who had been arrested for drug use, was the evening’s DJ. Police say he claimed someone offered him drinks and cigarettes and he didn’t know it was “doped”.

“Siddhanth had visited the hotel several times before and also received a room to stay in the hotel. We’re analyzing the CDR of the defendant’s cell phone. The main objective is to trace the supplier and the investigation continues to find out who attended the party,” a senior police officer said.


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