Rave Review Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection


Almost everything in Rave Review is recycled, including its name, which was borrowed from a vintage label. This nickname is an inexhaustible source of mystery for journalists; Josephine Bergqvist and Livia Schück report that there is no interview in which they are not asked about this. Since most people assume ‘rave’ refers to dancing, the couple decided to run with it this season, as it tied into their own history as well. “We went to a lot of raves together and our friendship got stronger when we started partying together,” Bergqvist said.

Referring to their own memories and delving into a book about Stockholm’s club scene in the late 1990s, the designers have continued to develop the themes they introduced last season. Adding elements of workwear, and yes, rave pants, makes the collection more personal, as if the pieces came straight out of Bergqvist and Schück’s own closets.

These two love tartan and aren’t afraid to play up the pattern’s association with punk by adding bondage-style suspenders, some with metal eyelets for a tough edge. Fall news has to do with texture, especially the use of fleece and faux fur alongside or mixed with plaids and the brand’s signature blanket coats.

Speaking of signatures, the creators use the lookbook for a smooth start to their new logo. “The idea and the feeling was to create something quite futuristic,” notes Schück. Repositioning existing things in a contemporary light is an overall motivation for the brand. “Since we work with vintage,” adds Bergqvist, “it’s so important to have a contemporary look with everything else, like silhouettes, styling and set design; everything must be very new.

NFTs are new for the Fall 2022 season, and after finding an energy-efficient cryptocurrency, SOL, Rave Review will soon arrive in the male-dominated metaverse with a series of “crypto panties‘, based on actual garments that were then translated for the web in an effort to retain the tactility of the pieces, which was also such an important part of the furry fall collection. “We wanted to do this project with a feminist perspective,” says Bergqvist, “because if the metaverse is as powerful as a lot of people think it is, then it’s really important for women to take a place.” Hear hear.


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