Rema – Rave and Roses Album Review


Rema has secured a firm threshold as one of the leading creators of the new generation of Nigerian music stars. releasing three EPs in the early years of his career, and could undoubtedly be considered one of the most influential forces of his generation.

Rave & Roses unveils Rema’s progression from pre-birth to the exuberant presence he commands today. The experiences he has chosen to share with us come from a kaleidoscope of encounters unique to a star of his caliber and age.

Rema weaves his debut story on lucid strings and kicks the opener, a cut made from his real name – “Divine,” which becomes an x-ray of his early life from birth. “Hold Me”, is a love song and 6lack’s contribution was a perfect addition.

In “Time N Affection”, Rema creates a love ballad that attracts a love interest, wooing her with all of his prized possessions. Chris Brown pulls it off seamlessly to create what is likely to be a sound staple of the coming summer.

“Addicted” is a standout drive on this album, it took Afrobeats and World Pop and blended them together for a polished mix. “Are You There?” is another standout track, a dancehall record in rhythm and a mindful record in lyrics. Rema clarified the negative things in his country, his positivity, not being an activist and the free will he has to wield his music.

In “Runaway”, there is another special song in which Rema sings of her affection and love in a way that should define her experience as one that includes true love and affection, not just about sex and fandom. . AJ Tracey is fairly new to Afrobeats, however, Rema unashamedly claims he’s bringing the culture to the world. While British singer-songwriter Aj Tracey has just been introduced to Afro music, his delivery was dignified enough to elevate the culture to a new demographic in the UK.

“Jo” is a groove and an attempt to get you rolling on the dance floor. The mid-tempo “Mara” is another love song that becomes an instrument he used to describe his wife and more. “Oroma Baby” is the story of the woman he met along the line who seems to have ruined him with his love and then he promises to grab her and not let go. spanish singer Yseult“Wine”‘s effort was slick, and their chemistry seemed unforced. Speaking to Apple Music, Rema said the album’s love songs fulfill the “Roses” part of his concept.

“Calm Down” could be considered one of the best songs on the album alongside “Addicted” and “Are You There?” », these are the favorites of this writer. “Soundgasm” as usual is an experiment in Rema’s creativity, the record depicts sexuality and fandom, even though the title of the song is an image of a sound that has reached a climax due to a sexual peak perhaps of Rema’s vocal range which takes the sound to this level.

Although the album is something colorful, which means it was naturally so diverse, between the two, Rema focuses on bringing culture to the faces of many listeners as well as expanding his creative range. as a popstar. Imagine an act that takes the female focal point on an album and expresses it differently, it’s awesome and magical.


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