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TW: drugs, overdose, death

Halloween is over and the holiday season is just around the corner. For those who like to party early, pull out the Mariah Carey and get into the Christmas spirit while the rest of us enjoy the pumpkin patch for a few more weeks. We’ll be celebrating October a little longer to discuss the best new features of the month!

Although October has been a slow month in terms of big name releases, there have been a lot of announcements and anticipations for the upcoming winter releases by popular artists.

As always, you can follow the top picks of the month. on my Spotify.

“Easy On Me” by Adele

Pop star Adele has teased fans for weeks about her upcoming new album, titled “30,” display the number on various notice boards around the world. On October 15, she took to social media to announce the album’s release date of November 19, and released her first single in six years, titled “Easy On Me.” The song is a song every Adele fan should have seen coming: a strong ballad that is heartbreaking to say the least.

Her voice is louder than ever, and Adele remains a princess of pop dominating streaming services, radio airtime and break records to become the most listened to song in 24 hours, with 24 million streams. The song appears to be a form of an open letter to old and new lovers, asking them to treat it with care after such a difficult past. Fans can expect a fair number of songs similar to the lead single, as the singer’s high-profile divorce from Simon Konecki has been a major event in her life since starting her six-year hiatus.

“Faces” by Mac Miller

What is known to many as his magnum opus, Mac Miller’s “Faces” is finally out commercially and on all popular streaming platforms. The mixtape was originally released for free in May 2014, but has since been remastered in the years following Miller’s death and hit streaming platforms on October 15. The longest in his discography, the album follows Miller through a cocaine high, and tells the story of a 22-year-old drug addict in the music industry.

The album itself is arguably the best Miller has ever produced. At such a young age, Miller’s raw and intense honesty takes on the burden of telling the story of what it’s like to fight drug addiction, and despite the more upbeat style of the songs, Miller beautifully distinguishes between warning the listener of the hell he is facing and idealizing something so commonly justified by other artists. The lyrics and beats are phenomenally intertwined, as any Miller fan would expect, and yet they make the listener feel like they’re inside Miller’s head, listening to his flow of consciousness as he thinks. Miller plays with the jazz genre throughout the album, and the instrumental adds a unique touch to the hip-hop album that only Miller could have accomplished.

“Present” by Khalid

Khalid is back with a new single, released on October 22, after being fairly quiet throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and only releasing a handful of singles in 2021. Khalid was popular on the pop charts after her debut album “American Teen”, but hasn’t been a frequent traveler since. This new single is one of them.

Very Chris Brown-esque, the R&B vibe just doesn’t work. The lyrics were mediocre at best, especially for someone who produced songs like “Vertigo” and “Salem’s Interlude” from the EP “Suncity”. The cover art is aesthetically pleasing and the vocal quality is incredibly high. Khalid is talented and has potential, but he should move away from overly complicated riffs and rhythm-based backtracks and come back to a place where his raw vocals can shine with a simpler instrument.

“Something For You Hotties” by Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion, in a surprise drop, released a mixtape of her recent freestyles and a handful of unreleased tracks from her archives. The star caught on Instagram on October 21 to announce the album and paired the “giveaway” with a festive photo depicting her dressed in red, devil horns sticking out of her hair, a tail, and the October 29 release date inked on her skin.

The collection does not have a particular theme or pattern, which makes it a rather haphazard selection. The songs all sound quite similar and there is limited variation in terms of tone, rhythm, and lyric writing. However, Megan mixes things up with a handful of interludes and personal sound bites and even has a song, aptly titled “Megan’s Piano,” which showcases her piano skills. She also does a terrific job changing the conversation to push for normality and acceptance when it comes to rappers singing and creating around ‘taboo’ topics such as sex and sensuality. Megan too hinted that this would be his last drop of 2021.

Conan Gray’s “Telepath”

Following the release of his debut album in 2020, Conan Gray released his second single of the year on October 29. His debut album, “Kid Krow” contained popular songs such as “Maniac” and “Heather”, so he has a lot to live with.

“Telepath”, his most recent track, is a perfect pop single with just enough quirk to be a song out of the ordinary. Gray’s vocals are placed to showcase, yet they don’t overshadow the wonderful production of the backtrack. The lyrics are catchy, but not so basic that they get boring. Overall, the song ticks all the boxes and should be a popular addition to any dance party playlist.

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