Shah Rukh Khan is back on Instagram

Super star Shah Rukh Khan is back instagram after a hiatus of nearly four months since her son khan aryan was arrested in a drug-related case. He dropped a commercial post featuring him and his wife Gauri Khan which said, “Very few times do you associate yourself with a product that has such a harmony of art and technology.”

The promo video begins with SRK driving a fancy car to a bungalow where he makes himself comfortable with all the amenities available, including a sofa, roll-up TV, and more. That’s when Gauri Khan joins them and the couple enjoys watching TV on the sofa.

Within three hours, the post acquired over 9,000 views, with fans rejoicing to see King Khan return to social media. One fan took to the comments section and wrote, “The king is finally back.” “Very happy to see your message. Love you,” added another while someone else said, “Good to see SRK’s post after so long…I still love SRK.”

Aryan was arrested on October 3 by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) after attacking an alleged rave party on a luxury cruise ship bound for Goa in Mumbai. After an initial NCB custody, the star son was taken to Arthur Road Prison. He was released on bail by the Bombay High Court.

While granting him bail on October 28, the HC imposed a condition on him that he had to appear outside the office of the South Mumbai Narcotics Control Bureau every Friday to mark his attendance. Later, the Bombay High Court exempted Aryan Khan of his weekly appearance outside the NCB office. A single bank of Justice NW Sambre said that the condition imposed on Aryan while granting him bail that he must appear in front of the CBN office every Friday is changed.


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