Shaquille O’Neal returns to party in Las Vegas after millionaire son Myles rocked the same beach club just days ago


With time off, Shaquille O’Neal has been very active with his hosting. DJ Diesel performed shows in several states and drove the crowds crazy. However, he is not the only one in the family. Big Diesel’s eldest son, Myles O’Neal, also had a similar fashion for music. He even performed at the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas just a few days ago. Likewise, his father had to get a piece of the stock.

Shaq is a proud father of six wonderful children. The NBA giant has been great in his role as a father. The Great Aristotle instilled the spirit of work in each of his six children. However, he was particularly proud of Myles. While his other children followed his basketball path, Myles learned everything else. O’Neal even called him the perfect child. Notably, her 25-year-old son is also a DJ and just finished his first show at Encore Beach Club.


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O’Neal was extremely proud of Myles for having succeeded on his own. However, when Shaq heard the party, he had to get a slice of the pie. So, just a month after Myles’ show, Shaquille O’Neal got his turn in Las Vegas.

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Shaquille O’Neal follows Myles

Following his father’s love of music, Myles hit the big stage only a few moons ago. The young millionaire performed at one of the biggest clubs in the world, the Encore Beach Club in Las Vegas. There was a side to Shaq that was proud and proud of his 25-year-old’s huge achievement. However, the other side wanted to release DJ Diesel in the same place. Therefore, tonight, Shaq followed Myles and brought the party back to Las Vegas.


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Myles’ success and lifestyle are proof that the Big Diesel left no stone unturned as a father. Despite having a father with a massive net worth of $400 million, Myles rose to the top on his own. Besides being a DJ, the 25-year-old is also a reality TV star and starred on the show “Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules.” At such a young age, he worked his way to becoming a millionaire himself with various streams lining up right in front of him.

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – OCTOBER 23: Former NBA player Shaquille O’Neal laughs as he attends the unveiling of the Shaq Courts at the Doolittle Complex courtesy of Icy Hot and the Shaquille O’Neal Foundation in partnership with the City of Las Vegas in October February 23, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for Icy Hot)

It’s no surprise that Shaquille O’Neal compliments Myles to such a degree. However, another of his sons may soon be making headlines. Shareef O’Neal has joined the Lakers on their Summer League roster and is determined to make it to the NBA. Having one of the best centers like his father, Shareef can assimilate everything. Everything will depend on the amount of work he is willing to invest.


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With Shareef carrying such an inspiring story, do you think he can emulate Shaq in the NBA? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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