Shaquille O’Neal was hilariously photographed trying to get into an outhouse that was too small for him: “Everyone’s favorite place at the rave party.”


Shaquille O’Neal is known for many things. The Big Diesel has often been ranked first as arguably the most dominant player in NBA history, his peak was incredible. Beyond that, O’Neal is beloved for his larger-than-life personality, there aren’t many who consistently make NBA fans laugh like Shaq. Above all, he is known to be one of the tallest humans most people have ever seen.

Shaq is 7ft 1ft or 2.16m tall, a giant in every sense of the word. And as such, he makes even mundane activities quite hilarious when he does them. Recently, an NBA fan shared a thread of photos of O’Neal holding things, which went viral for the way he returned everything in his hands. And the legend of the Lakers is aware of it, he often takes advantage of his size to be funny and make jokes at his expense.

Shaquille O’Neal was hilariously seen entering a toilet he was too tall for

His height allowed O’Neal to become the basketball phenom he was at his peak in many ways. Shaq was a skilled big man, no doubt, but his ability to use his body to intimidate defenders was his greatest weapon. But that same size can also be a curse in some ways, the world just isn’t built for 7 footers. So it was no surprise when a photo Shaq shared on a now-deleted Story of himself caught the attention of NBA fans. His caption was also quite funny.

“Everyone’s favorite place at the rave party.”

Interestingly, Shaq deleted this story he posted, but basketball fans aren’t missing out on this offseason, and they were quick to make jokes about it on Instagram as well.

“Shaq bruh, you’re too big for that shit.”

“The fat dookie.”

“Is this a Porta-Potty ad?”

“Every time I see this shit, I laugh.”

“This man is too funny bruh.”

“I can’t even, I’m legitimately kidding.”

“How are the Shaqtus.”

“Funny AF.”

“Shaq is such a character, man.”

“Nobody cracks me up like that.”

“He’s definitely too big for that one.”

It’s a great example of how much people love Shaq that even something like that makes them laugh. O’Neal’s sense of humor has always been irreverent, just ask Grant Hill what the big man was like when they were teammates. It’s always fun to see what Superman makes a joke of next.


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