Teach children to express their anger in healthy ways: a psychologist explains


Parenthood has its own advantages. However, it also comes with the challenge of teaching children to express themselves in the right way. Often children are aggressive and tend to become violent. This leads to problems when parents try to reprimand or punish them. This makes them more aggressive over time and contains pent up emotions. Then these children grow up to be adults with relationship issues and trauma. Often when children are angry, they express it through physical violence or aggression. Psychologist Dr Jazmine McCoy addressed the issue in a recent Instagram post and said children often behave in certain ways to express their anger for three reasons:

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1) They don’t know what to say with words to express themselves.

2) They think their words don’t have enough meaning to fully express themselves.

3) They act on physical impulse and tend to become aggressive.

Dr. Jazmine McCoy added that as parents, we shouldn’t ask children not to be angry, but rather teach them how to express their anger in correct and healthy ways. She shared some tips:

Teach the right phrases“From infancy, start teaching your child the words he needs to meet his needs. Phrases like Space please, No thanks, and I don’t like it are crucial so your child doesn’t feel like they have to use their body to communicate these things,” she wrote.

release the anger: There are many healthy ways to release pent-up anger that can be taught to children. They can be asked to play clay or go out and run or have a dance party to release tension or even take deep breaths.

Children’s books: It is important for children to know that anger is also healthy. Introduce them to a children’s book that contains and talks about such emotions.

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