The BCN holds 8 people; read the agency’s full statement here



On Sunday, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) released a statement about its raid on the Cordelia cruise that departed Mumbai for Goa on October 2. It comes amid speculation that the son of a megastar has been arrested in connection with this drug seizure. According to the BCN, 8 people, including two women, were arrested after the agency recovered drugs such as ecstasy, cocaine, mephedrone and charas. He added that a new investigation is underway in this case.

BCN said: “Based on specific information, officials from BCN Mumbai raided the Cordelia cruise which was linked from Mumbai to Goa on 02.10.2021. During the operation, all suspects according to the information were searched. Various drugs like MDMA / Ecstasy, Cocaine, MD (Mephedrone) and charas were recovered. A total of 8 people including 2 women were apprehended and their role is being investigated in relation with said recovery NCB Mumbai has registered Crime No. Cr 94/21 in this case and further investigation is underway.

However, the BCN did not disclose further information on the identity of those detained. Earlier today, reports suggested that three women had been brought to the NCB office in Mumbai for questioning about the raid on the cruise. According to sources, the NCB summoned 6 rave party organizers and asked them to appear before it at 11 a.m. on Sunday.

The NCB drug bust

In a huge development on Saturday night, the NCB raided the Cordelia cruise ship anchored in Mumbai and organized a rave party. Apparently there were hundreds of passengers on this high end cruise liner. NCB area manager Sameer Wankhede and his team boarded the cruise ship after being briefed by CISF about the alleged drug party.

Wankhede and his officers are said to have boarded as passengers, after which the raids began as the group began in the middle of the sea. With several NCB agents undercover as guests of the cruise, sources informed that the NCB raid on the cruise ship lasted more than seven hours. According to sources, the two-night rave party aboard the cruise ship involved celebrities and is considered the biggest drug seizure on the high seas.



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