The boiler room and the possession welcome the rave of 2022



The music platform and the techno outfit label want to invite you to the ultimate rave of 2022 in Paris.

While the chills of December frost and the twinkle of festive street lights may keep your mind busy with the Christmas festivities ahead, the musical spirits of Boiler Room want you to start planning your summer 2022, starting with what is sure to be. the rave of the year.

Following the resounding success of the broadcast service’s upcoming sold-out show, they and party-focused label Possession sought to collaborate once again, this time with the Boiler Room Paris: Possession two days rave. At the Parc des Expositions du Bourget, techno fanatics and partiers are invited to dance on August 26 and 27, all to celebrate the vibrant LGBTQ + community of Paris. With the single name of Boiler Room bringing with it the promise of a roster of decorated DJs and groove-inducing melodies to surge throughout the event, it quickly becomes clear that it will be an unforgettable memory. And, if you can’t make it to the event, you have been won over by the wonders of pandemic-induced technology, as it’ll all be streamed online.

To get tickets for what will undoubtedly be the party of the year, head to



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