The president of the URD party Gouagnon Coulibaly, facing the media “The obvious aim of the maneuvers of the 1st vice-president of the Party Salikou Sanogo is to mislead the national public opinion…”


On Tuesday February 8, 2022, the Amadou Hampate Ba Culture Palace was filled with journalists. The reason, the press briefing organized by the new office of the party of the handshake chaired by the Honorable Gouagnon Coulibaly to enlighten the lantern of public opinion in relation to the crisis which splashes the URD.

In limpid French, the honorable Gouagnon Coulibaly did not go with the back of the bowl to advance the arguments which justify the legitimacy of the new office of the party: “Indeed the extraordinary congress held on January 16 in application of the article 58 of the statutes with the participation of 98% of the internal sections (54 sections out of 55), and 61% of the external sections (24 sections out of 39), and which saw the participation of 1110 delegates is a plebiscite which gives total credibility to the legitimacy of the new president of the party that I am”, insists the Honorable Gouagnon Coulibaly from the outset. Before underlining the smiling face which proves his serenity: “by the letter dated January 25, 2022, sent by way of bailiff, the president of the party asked the vice-president of the IER to proceed with the handover at the latest January 30, 2022. It is therefore clear that the meeting convened by 1st Vice President Salikou Sanogo is a headlong rush,” he added.

Following him, the youth president of the party Abdramane Diarra played down the decision to suspend certain members of the national political bureau, including himself. According to Abdramane Diarra, in a democracy, majority law prevails, which explains the legitimacy of this new office. With the back of his hand, he demolished the palace rumors that say that it is to make former Prime Minister Boubou Cissé the URD candidate in the next presidential election that the party is experiencing these political troubles.

Badou S. Koba

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