The rave returns as Bristol nightclubs reopen to welcome Freedom Day



These were the scenes just after midnight as Bristol nightclubs reopened to celebrate the relaxation of all restrictions on social contact in England.

Crowds cheered outside Lakota as midnight passed, hailing the popularly dubbed ‘Freedom Day’ – and entry began for the venue’s first full-capacity event since the start of the pandemic.

Entitled The Rave Returns , the night saw a crowd of Lakota resident DJs spin the drums and bass to celebrate the end of the club’s 16-month hiatus from indoor events.

From 10:30 p.m., future clubbers gathered in front of the Stokes Croft site. By the time the clock struck midnight, the densely packed queue stretched around the block from the entrance to Lakota on Upper York Street.

The atmosphere was a mixture of excitement and nervousness. Some participants admitted how strange it was to be crowded into a nightclub queue again; for others, it was their very first night.

Masks were scarce in a crowd that seemed to seize the chance to return to normalcy.

Lakota nightclub on “Freedom Day”

With the Pryzm Harbor Club also having a reopening party at midnight, and most other venues hosting events on Monday nights, Bristol’s nightclubs quickly marked the return of the city’s nightlife.

See our live coverage of the night here.

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