The Swedish House Mafia is set to play a secret gig tonight


The Swedish House Mafia is set to play a secret gig tonight

Swedish house mafia seem to be participating in warm-up sets ahead of their massive ‘Heaven again‘ toured across America and Europe/UK, and are playing a secret set tonight at an unknown location, described as “A secret party in a secret place for secret peopleby the trio.

While their new album sees them getting back into the habit of touring, performing at huge festivals around the world, they’re also apparently big fans of intimate surprise games. The trio made up of Steve Angelo, Axwell and Sebastien Ingrosso most recently performed at an intimate, invitation-only, afterparty/release party for Spotify ahead of their headlining performance at Coachella last April, and now they’re having another secret party, but no one really knows where it is yet.

Tweeting earlier, Swedish House Mafia is performing tonight at a secret location. The venue isn’t the only thing that isn’t known to everyone, as even the country where it will take place isn’t public information, but those lucky enough to attend will find out soon enough. See their tweet about the party below:

Cryptic as always, it’s clear that wherever they end up performing tonight, revelers are in for a treat. With this new, darker era of their sound, Swedish House Mafia have drastically changed their sets since they last performed as a band before going their separate ways. It’s clear that their influences this time are closer to underground sounds rather than the traditional main stage sound. Of course, they managed to strike a balance between old sounds and new sounds, inviting new fans to mingle with the dedicated old fans who never left.

More details about this secret party will surely appear soon, so stay tuned to our social networks! For those not lucky enough to be in attendance tonight, you can find out where they are performing near you by checking out their full list of current tour dates here.

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