This supplement might be able to prevent your next hangover and it’s getting rave reviews


Going out is fun and all – until it’s the next morning and you’re in bed with a headache and stomach ache.

Losing a day to nasty hangover symptoms is just not that, but there is a made in Canada product called Enable DHM it can help you avoid all that.

DHM (or dihydromyricetinif you want to get fancy) is a natural ingredient that has been applied in medicine to support liver function.

It’s actually a fruit extract, used in Chinese herbal medicine for centuries. DHM is also said to prevent the effects of glutamate reboundwhich is accompanied by symptoms of restless sleep and anxiety.

Enable DHM is the first Canadian product to receive Health Canada approval to use this natural ingredient. In reality, the Activate DHM website states that every ingredient in the supplement is natural and vegan, and the capsules are gluten and nut free.

Courtesy of Enable DHM

Other ingredients include NAC (which the Activate DHM website described as an antioxidant amino acid), vitamin B complex (to help replenish lost nutrients), milk thistle (to reduce inflammation) and electrolytes (to keep your body hydrated).

You can take one capsule before or with your first drink and your second capsule just before going to bed (with a full glass of water). You can take two capsules before bed if it is a “big night”.

The next morning, you may feel better than expected. Many Canadians have left reviews and “swear by these”. Some users have even considered the supplement a “lifesaver”.

Enable DHM is made by Winnipeg-based startup Bomb Squad Nutrition Ltd., and it ships for free anywhere in Canada. Bonus: the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on your first bottle if it doesn’t work for you.

Before using it, remember that Enable DHM is not intended to help you drink more or recklessly. Instead, it’s meant to help prevent symptoms when you drink responsibly.

To learn more about how you can help eliminate hangovers, check out Activate DHM website or follow them on Facebook and instagram.

Narcity does not condone the overconsumption of alcohol. If you plan to drink alcohol, please do so responsibly and only if you are of legal age.


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