Three organizers retained under PD law, sent to Cherlapally central prison


Hyderabad: The Rachakonda police commissioner slapped the preventive detention law (PD law) on three organizers of a rave party on Tuesday.

The party was held on a farm under the Narayanpur Police Station.

The three accused were identified as Girish Dhaduvai (29), Jakkidi Srikar Reddy (22) and Cholleti Sharath Chandra (26). Police said they made a plan to hold a Rave Party at Srikar Reddy’s farmhouse on the outskirts of the Rachakonda Hills.

Police said they deliberately chose ‘Shivaratri’ night in anticipation that the cops would be busy with security duties. “They invited students and private / software employees by advertising the party on Instagram using the DJ’s name. They offered attendees narcotics including ganja, methamphetamine and lysergic acid. diethylamide, commonly known as LSD, in order to make a quick buck, ”police said. .

Police said they charged Rs 500 for free entry, excluding food, drink and drugs. “They bought Ganja and other narcotics from unknown people in Dhoolpet and Mumbai area at lower rates. They supplied them to the guests at higher prices and thus raised huge sums,” police said.

Acting on the basis of specific information, the Rachakonda Police Station Special Operation Team and Narayanpur Police raided Gandhinagar Thanda farm on the night of March 12.

Police arrested seven organizers, including the owner of the farm, and seized 400 grams of ganja, 3 drops of LSD and two grams of methamphetamine drugs. In addition, alcohol, laptops, a DJ system and motor vehicles were also seized from the farm.

The seven organizers were selected under the provisions of the NDPS Act 1985 and the Excise Act. They were remanded in custody and clients were convicted of disobedience and engaging in obscene activities.

In order to prevent them from engaging in such illegal activities, the Rachakonda Police Commissioner initiated proceedings under the PD Law against three of them. They were sent to Cherlapally central prison.

“Students and young people are advised not to fall into the drug mafia trap. Rachakonda Police Commissioner has filed a PD lawsuit against three organizers of a rave party at a farm and held them in Cherlapally central prison, ”police said.


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