Vanessa Hudgens’ rules for throwing a fantastic party


Vanessa Hudgens may be known around the world as an actress and singer, but among friends, she’s also considered the queen of party planning. Within her group of friends, she has earned a reputation for throwing iconic parties, ranging from sound healings to live bands. While most people will never be able to attend the musical high school famous alum shindigs, she gave lots of tips on how you can make a party a smash hit.

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Vanessa Hudgens’ home is still a great party spot

Hudgens parties all have one thing in common: a great venue. Anyone who has seen the tour of her home on Architectural Digest can attest to the fact that she had a beautiful space to host past parties. The Knight Before Christmas The star hosted many parties at his gorgeous Los Feliz home before selling it this year. Without a doubt, the house’s expansive swimming pool, secret gardens and more served as the perfect venue for his famous parties. Considering her new home is more than double the size of her last, more parties are undoubtedly in her future.

The ‘High School Musical’ alum is a sucker for a great theme party

Another rule of thumb that Hudgens follows when planning a party is to always have a good theme. Although she throws a Halloween party every year, the “Sneakernight” singer always makes sure she has something new up her sleeve. For example, in 2016, she hosted a New Orleans-themed party. The party boasted of everything from an apothecary to freshly baked donuts.

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“That year, I ran out of booze,” Hudgens told NYLON of the party. “I invited way too many people. But it was iconic. Getting the mood right is essential for Hudgens, no matter what theme she embraces. In fact, creating the right atmosphere is one of Hudgens’ top priorities when throwing a party.

“There’s nothing that infuriates me more than when I’m ready to throw and then I show up somewhere and it’s just not the vibe,” Hudgens explained. “If it were up to me, every club would be an underground rave with lasers and smoke machines and just vibes, and it’s dark, and you can’t really see anyone.”

Hudgens up the party mood by investing in gear

The lasers and smoke machines seem like a way for Hudgens to create a mood on his own shots as well. In 2018, she was on The Late Late Show with James Corden and shared that she actually owns several of these machines. According to the “Say OK” singer, these are “investments you need to make for the future of your party.” At the time, Hudgens planned to break out the machines for his Tiki Rave Swim Night.

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What is Tiki Rave Swim Night, you ask? Along with the smoke machines and laser machines, Hudgens also heated his pool to 100 degrees, “so it’s like a bath.” She also served her guest many tropical drinks. And while themed attire was encouraged, Hudgens insisted that guests could wear whatever they wanted to the party. Clearly, Hudgens is serious about party planning. We’re sure her fans can’t wait to see photos of her theme this year.

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