Viewers rave over Iza Calzado’s performance as the first Darna at the premiere

Stills of Iza Calzado as Darna on ABS-CBN’s “Darna” on August 15, 2022 (YouTube/ABS-CBN Entertainment)

Viewers praised the performance of Iza Calzado after the pilot episode of ABS-CBN’s “Darna.”

The long-awaited superhero series “Darna de Mars Ravelo: the television series” Where “Darn” finally airing on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s online channels, TV5, A2Z, and streaming site iWantTFC on Monday night, August 15.

Iza portrays Leonor Custodiothe first guardian of the white stone who transforms it into the first “Darna” in history.

Leonor is also Narda’s mother and mentor. She is ready to pass the white stone to her daughter to be the next warrior.

In the first episode, Narda, played by Joan of Leonis still being trained to become the first warrior.

Iza still held the stone, thus appearing as the first Darna.

The premiere of the TV show caused a buzz among viewers.

The hashtag #Darna was trending on Twitter Philippines from Monday night to Tuesday morning. He currently has 41,300 tweets to his name.

Iza’s performance as the first Darna seemed to get the most attention online.

Viewers shared stills and video clips of the actress as they expressed how amazed they were by her portrayal of the iconic superhero Pinoy.

One user even juxtaposed an image of Iza’s character “Amihan” from GMA-7’s “Encantadia” with her still photo as Darna.

A fan account also praised Iza’s “attacking” stance in one of the fight scenes.

“Exactly how a true superhero should adopt his attack stance. Take ka, Miss Iza Calzado. Nag-iisa talaga. #darna“said one user.

In a previous video interview, Iza shared that this wasn’t the first time she was asked to play Darna.

She recalled that she was approached for the project 18 years ago.

Iza also opened up about the surgeries she underwent just to audition for the unsuccessful role.

“So I did two surgeries to kind of fix the body and it wasn’t enough. Because I had lost a hundred pounds – if the skin was loose and everything – I had a tummy tuck and a thigh lift. It was one after the other,” the actress told a report as told.

Iza eventually had to abandon the project.

His colleague Angel Locsin got the lead role in a series of the superhero’s namesake at GMA-7 around this time.

More positive feedback

Some viewers, meanwhile, praised the show’s overall production.

Others praised the cast members’ overall performance.

“Bitch! Sobrang’s action-packed naman forda pilot episode! Aaarrgh. Galing nor Miss Iza. The best! And Jane De Leon’s delight in action. Next!” a user said with clapperboard emojis.

Some also applauded and praised Jane’s acting skills as a young heroine in training.

“Pinatunayan mo Jane yung haka haka tao negative about you is like a tsismis only. You deserve the role. You did NARDA’s role justice. Congratulations Jane, your efforts have paid off! one user said.

“Darna” was directed by two acclaimed directors—Chito Ronotoh and Avel Sunpongco.

Other cast members of the new primetime drama include Zaijan Jaranilla like Ricardo Custodio or Ding, Narda’s brother, Joshua Garcia as Narda’s love interest named Brian and Rio Locsin like Roberta Ferrer-Custodio or Narda’s grandmother.

Janelle Salvador plays the lawyer-vlogger antagonist character Regina or Valentina.

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Viewers can still rewatch the four-part episode through ABS-CBN Entertainment’s social media channels.


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