We Rave You Featured as Stage Host at Upcoming World Club Dome


Announcing We Rave You as Stage Host at World Club Dome: Las Vegas Edition

Hosting our very own We Rave You Stage at World Club Dome: Las Vegas Edition next June, we couldn’t be more thrilled with this announcement, while our curated lineup will ensure the most breathtaking performances.

As the festival season is in full swing, world club dome will mark its return with a Las Vegas Edition this next June. Presented by the radio, BigCityBeats, the annual event has grown in popularity since its first edition in 2013, with an array of artists blessing the various stages of the festival over the years. With that in mind, we couldn’t be more excited and proud to announce our own We are delirious You stage for this summer’s edition, where the likes of Adam of Great, Kryder, Miggy, MR BLACK, Steff da Campo and Teamwork will deliver the most breathtaking performance in a way only they know how.

Acting as “the biggest club in the world”, this three-day event will run from June 3-5 and be held at Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt am Main. With over 200 acts playing over the aforementioned weekend, it’s no surprise that the scale of this event is out of scale. With over 25 stages and a maximum capacity of 180,000 revelers, the World Club Dome offers a festival for the ages, and this time will be no different. Defying all genre boundaries, all participants will have the opportunity to listen to their favorite artist(s) and their specific sound(s), while our own stage will host the most selective clubbers in the world.

Spectacular in every sense of the word, the organizers will ensure the most unprecedented edition to date, while the Las Vegas theme can only further amplify the presence of this emblematic festival. Featuring some of the biggest names in our scene, you sure don’t want to miss what’s shaping up to be this summer’s biggest music event, with tickets available for purchase here. Be sure to let us know if you’ll be attending the World Club Dome next June, and if so, a visit to our very own We Rave You stage is a must! For further information regarding dates and times, and general enquiries, visit the official festival website here. We’ll see each other there!

Image credit: World Club Dome (via Facebook)


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