Worakls remixes “One More Time” by Armin van Buuren


Worakls, famed for their countless electro-melodic releases and dynamic shows, are set to kick off their final North American tour this weekend at Osheaga in Montreal and Superior Ingredients in Brooklyn. August is packed with additional shows in cities including Los Angeles, Dallas, Denver, San Diego, Toronto, Oakland, and Boston, while wrapping up at Elements Festival in Long Pond, Pennsylvania.

Coinciding with the launch of the tour is the release of Work‘ unique remix from Dutch record producer Superstar and trance icon Armin Van Buuren‘s’Once again.’ Notable here is Work‘ an entirely new arrangement as he transforms the anthem into grittier French house and electro-inspired dancefloor.

First and foremost a composer Work written with the orchestra in mind and presents his music only in a live context, not as a DJ set. In fact, the artist has also embarked on full orchestra tours where he personally conducts the live orchestra and writes the musical notes for each instrument.

Although the North American summer tour does not offer the full orchestra experience (Worakls hopes to offer it soon), the tour will still be live and highly improvised. Attendees will experience live interpretations of music throughout the artist’s career.

Somewhere else, Work Single ‘Salzburg‘ was recently certified gold at the CNM 2021 Export, while the single ‘Adagio for square‘is included on the soundtrack of the Netflix TV show’XOXO.’ Last but not least, be on the lookout for Work‘ next original single, “Pipeline”, which is released on August 18. Fans will be delighted by this powerful single, a dramatic yet upbeat track with an intoxicating melody.

Stay tuned for more information!

Listen to the track below.


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